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Step by Step designing a Spatial Strategy

We define a spatial strategy as a proposal for a sequence of impact oriented spatial interventions geared at transforming a designated area towards a positive and evidence-based alternative future that is set at a sufficient temporal distance. 

The designated area can be a region, a municipality or a part of it. To set up a spatial strategy the following steps are needed: spatial analysis, design of an alternative future and definition of a sequence of interventions to achieve the alternative future.

Within POLY5, and Work Package 4 in particular, the Chair for Urban Development at the Technische Universität München ‘TUM’ concentrates particularly on the impact of higher accessibility within alpine regions and designed strategies based on a SWOT-analysis to strengthen the positive effects on an area derived from higher accessibility.

The work focused on two specific project cooperation areas: St. Jean de Maurienne in France and the City of Susa in Italy.

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