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Sustainable accessibility

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Sustainable accessibility


Implementing partner: Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region

Geographical area: Ljubljana Urban Region (Slovenia)

Aim of the Pilot Action

The pilot case in the Ljubljana Urban Region deals with providing opportunities for accessibility at the fringes of the metropolitan region of Ljubljana, based on the sustainable mobility paradigm and employing in particular ‘soft’ mobility measures. Individual transport causes large internal and external costs, while public transport is not very well developed in Slovenia. Despite of a high degree of motorization, the mobility of people, who are not capable of driving or owning a car (children, youth, elderly), is thus very limited, energy consumption in transport reaches 40% of all end-energy consumption and air pollution is very high.

One of the possible solutions for a more sustainable accessibility of MTI in the Ljubljana Urban Region is carpooling. Apart from the social benefits of carpooling, lower transport costs and environmental benefits are most usually considered as key added values of carpooling.
The pilot action upgrades on the existing sustainable mobility projects and tools, which are already in use or being developed in the Ljubljana Urban Region. It  focuses on carpooling at the regional level on daily basis and develops a set of actions to boost its usage, which  include for instance upgrade of the web portal, promotional activities and awareness raising activities.

Most important achievements of the pilot action should be sought in raised awareness about the benefits of carpooling in Slovenia, higher level of trust among some key target groups, and improved tools for carpooling.
Among the concrete achievements a number of new users of carpooling within the Technology Park Ljubljana are expected. 

The most popular carpooling web portal in Slovenia ( is being upgraded, mostly with features promoting carpooling for daily commuting within Ljubljana Urban Region. This targets all daily commuters to Ljubljana, in particular nonschool commuters.
A test case for promoting carpooling within an organization is being carried out, targeting employees of companies within the Technology Park Ljubljana.
An awareness raising campaign, including a web page dedicated to promoting the benefits of carpooling (, informational leaflets and promotional gifts, is being carried out as well, aiming at the general public.

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