Provincia di Torino

Official name:
Provincia di Torino, Area Territorio, Trasporti e Protezione Civile
Official English translation: Province of Turin, Landscape, Transport and Civil Protection Area
Official address: Via Maria Vittoria, 12 - 10123 Turin - Italy


ChiomonteThe Province of Turin, is directly interested by the HS/HC Turin-Lyon  railway which, within the overall Corridor 5 Lisbon-Kiev, is a prerequisite for the strategic development of Piedmont and Italy.
To be exploited and become an opportunity,  the infrastructure can not be conceived and built as a pipeline that crosses the territory, but as an integrate work that can generate added value for local communities.
This is exactly the aim addressed by the Province of Turin through its participation to POLY5 and an intervention on interaction among  lines and crossed areas addressing and, as far as possible, minimizing difficulties.