Technische Universität Wien

Official name: Technische Universität Wien - Department für Raumentwicklung, Infrastruktur- und UmweltplanungFachbereich Regionalplanung und Regionalentwicklung
Official English translation: Vienna University of Technology - Department of Spatial Development, Infrastructure and Environmental PlanningCentre of Regional Planning and Regional Development
Acronym: TUW
Official address: Operngasse 11/5 - 1040 Wien - Austria
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The Centre of Regional Planning and Regional Development is one of the seven centres building up the Department of Spatial Development, Infrastructure and Environmental Planning of the Vienna University of Technology. The strength of our Department is certainly grounded in the interdisciplinary structure, bringing together experts and knowledge from seven different – but interrelated – spatial disciplines (planning law, regional sciences, infrastructure and financing, local planning, traffic and mobility, sociology, regional planning and regional development).

Considering that two third of the Austrian territory could be regarded 'alpine' and that around 50 per cent of the Austrian population is living in mountain areas, the Alpine Space is one of the geographical core areas of interest (in research and practice) of our entire Department. Moreover it is due to the challenges this sensible and fragile space is confronted with (e.g. climate change or major infrastructure projects) that long term visions and strategies combining aspects of livelihood & mobility with those of sustainability & resilience are of growing importance in the Alpine Space.

The innovative approach of the Alpine Space Project 'POLY5: Polycentric Planning Models for Local Development in Territories interested by Corridor 5 and its TEN-T ramifications', clearly lies in grasping the emerging opportunities in conjunction with major transport infrastructure (in very project phase). This perspective, although highly relevant, is often overlooked in planning theory and practice. The Vienna University of Technology seeks to contribute to this project by building on its broad interdisciplinary knowledge base (in research and practice) in terms of planning for the sensible and fragile Alpine Space